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We Move The Bone

GOD Does The Healing

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100% Drug Free &

Non-Invasive Treatments


Monday 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 8am – 5pm

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We Move The Bone GOD Does The Healing

Our Main Services

Pain Killer Hands, Full-fledged, Professionally Managed Back Pain Center in Australia. We are equipped to handle your needs. To help you understand all that is available to you, the following are common conditions we have a lot of success treating.

100% Drug Free & Non-Invasive Treatments

Latest Clinic News

No Referral Needed Private health and Medicare Not covered Get your treatment done right away. Pay for it later

  • Be pain-free in as little as two or three weeks
  • Neuroplastic Instant Pain Relief.
  • Experience Unprecedented Results in One Visit.
  • Block Pain Nerve Receptors.
  • Enhance Spinal Motor Reflexes.
  • Reset Muscle Tone Instantly.
  • Restore Strength and Movement through Neuromanual Treatment.
  • Augment Muscular Performance through Muscle Recalibration Procedures.

Our treatment with an innovative, revolutionary non-surgical operation can restore mobility, amplify strength and Long Lasting - Dramatic relief within 3 visits.

Our treatment is to alter neurological control so muscles can learn to function in a healthier, correctly balanced, more functional way again.

We focus on treating acute and chronic pain and conditions.

Quote of the week

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Alva Edison