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About Us

Every day, We are privileged to have the opportunity to help others naturally regain and maintain their health by removing interferences in the nervous system, allowing their bodies to heal. However, We strive to help our patients far beyond just pain because when you remove interferences in the nervous system, the brain can communicate with the body at an optimal level and function at its maximum capacity. We have learned and witnessed that the body is an incredibly powerful creation that has the ability to do what it needs to do, provided there is no interference. A fully functioning nervous system allows the body to correct imbalances that result in symptoms such as migraines, digestive disturbances, breathing difficulties, hormonal imbalances, compromised immunity, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, poor athletic performance and much more. We have such an immense passion for what we do and we get excited everyday knowing we have the opportunity to help others with Spine & Skeletal Joint manipulative treatments.

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Dr.Abraham Mathew B-Chiro, MD (AM)

"As a Spine & Skeletal Joint Manipulator my goal is in identifying the underlying, biomechanical, neurological or physiologic causes of a patient's condition so as to help them resolve their condition, restore their normal function, enhance their performance, and help their body to express its optimal innate vitality without interference."

Dr. Abraham has excellent professional experience in the health and wellness industry, initially as a Senior Healthcare Practitioner since 2000, and then as a Chiropractor since 2013 in Australia, Switzerland, Malta and India. He graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Degree in 2013, and then He earned his MD (AM) doctoral degree. During this time, he has studied Kinesiology, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Alternative Medicine and gained valuable expertise in the diagnosis and management of a full range of Spine, Skeletal & Muscles - related disorders.

Dr. Abraham Mathew is an expert in the knowledge of the musculoskeletal system (meaning the muscles, bones and joints) and nervous system (which coordinates all activities and functions) of the human body. Dr. Abraham educated and trained in all dealings regarding the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the nerves, spine and all joints of the human body and received intensive education in the Radiographic interpretation of Spine & Skeletal radiographs and its Biomechanical Analysis.

Dr. Abraham is fully qualified to care for people of all ages (newborns, toddlers, elderly, pregnant mothers). He is also qualified to diagnose and treat extremity (non-spinal) joint dysfunction. His techniques are based on his patient’s needs and range from Manual Manipulative Techniques.

Dr Abraham also utilises the diagnostic protocol an advanced “Muscle -Testing Technique” to detect Muscle neurological inhibition, strength and length. Dr. Abraham is excellent in applying innovative and revolutionary treatment “Neuro–Muscle Recalibration Procedures” which involves the application of specific targeted manual muscle activation and neuro-sensory stimulation to optimize muscle function and restore proper biomechanics, resulting in improved mobility and range of motion, rapidly relieve pain, accelerate healing, and improve muscle strength and performance.

Home exercises, nutritional and lifestyle advice is also an important component of Dr. Abraham's treatments to offer each patient a unique care plan that will help to resolve their complaint quickly and effectively. He seeks to empower his patients on their path to optimum health. This diversity allows him to use his life skills to good effect when interacting with people from all walks of life in his practice, making them feel relaxed and fully informed.

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